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Why teens feel a need to rebel

             When adults think of teenagers, they usually think of them as rebels, or kids who are just plain up to no good. This may be because of what they were like when they were that age or because of how the media depicts the youth of today. In many cases its true that teens want or feel the need to rebel, but why? The following will touch apon some of the reasons for teens actions.
             Our media effects the the youth of today to make them act in such rebeliouse ways. Boys and girls watching kids their own age on television are easily influenced by what they see. If they see characters in a show or movie that they idolize because they are "cool", they may mimick the characters actions, even if they are sneeking out, taking their parents car, throwing large house parties,drinking, and many other things that would make them feel accepted or cool. Music and videogames also have some effect, There are so many songs about vandilizing property and doing graphity. Whats strange about this is that underneath the lyrics, the message these songs are sending are that if you do things that you are not alltogether allowed to do, people will think you are dangerouse and that you dont care at all what the adults think. When it comes down to it, these kids just want to be accepted or they want attention from their peers and/or parents.
             Many of teens rebel either because their parents are overprotective or because their parents dont pay any attention to them, and they want their them to notice them. Parents can be labled overprotective for many reasons like they dont let their thir kids hang out with their friends after school, they give them an impossibly early curfues, or not allow them to wear certain clothing or alter their apperance in any way(hair, peircings, tattoo's ect.). They plan their kids life and dont let them have any say in the house rules, however, the parents probably are just going by what knoledge they gained when they where that age about what actually goes onin a teens life.