Today Children are Tomorrow's Parents

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Today's Children Are Tomorrow's Parents

Parenting is one of the most challenging and difficult responsibilities a person can face. The way a family is structured is called the parenting style. Parenting styles are collections of parental attitudes, practices, and nonverbal expressions that characterize the nature of parent-child relationships. Because individuals learn how to parent from many different examples including their own parents, role models, and society and life experiences, parenting techniques can vary greatly from household to household; however, experts believe that parenting styles can be broken down into three main categories which include permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative. The style of parenting with which children are raised can profoundly affect their social development, as well as their abilities to deal with life situations as adults.

Parents who follow the permissive style of parenting have very few rules, no consistent limits, and more often than not give in to their children. In a permissive family, the children are in charge. This style of parenting is similar to the screen on a window,

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