Child labour

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Seventy-three million children ages ten to fourteen are working illegally in the world today. That makes up 11.2 percent of the population ages ten to fourteen. The purpose of this essay is to show you the shocking details of how children are exploited in underdeveloped countries.

Why are these children working in the first place? The children are working for many reasons. In most cases people would think that these children are forced into working; Although in some cases children go to work because their family is extremely poor and they feel they need to help get money. In other cases these children are physically forced into doing the work that no one else will. In other cases a child's family could all die or just plane out leave him and they will be adopted and forced to do the work. Some children get sold to a manufacture and they are forced into working. Most of these children have no choice but to work. These children aren't always forced into doing all this work. That dose not mean that they like the work it means that the family might need the money or they might have no where else to go. Some of these children work for simple room and board. In the countries that are overrun with

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