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The End of the DRAMA: Annual Sports Festival

So it ended successfully and with lots of enthusiasm and excitement. A wonderful Annual Sports festival ended with outstanding performance by seniors proving their name at the best. The team lead by Arvind Bhatia showed a promising performance after losing last season's final and all practice matches. But seniors proved

"Der se aaya durust aaya 

The whole drama started with Volleyball match and it made a nail biting finish making seniors disappointed on the very last point, the match point. The atmosphere that could lighten the rift between the supporters of the respective teams but the team spirit shown by players ended it smoothly in peace. The very same day seniors got another shock when their most promising sport "Badminton  showed them a way towards another defeat of the day. It shocked the seniors group when Ambrish dwivedi lost his singles match to Alok juneja. All side mourning started in the college. A disappointing air started prevailing throughout the campus for seniors and on the other side parties were being celebrated. Bath with colas and pepsi and faces colored with chocolates and cake

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