I thank you God

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In the poem "i thank You God for most this amazing,  E. E. Cummings uses such literary devices as symbolism, imagery, allusion, and syntax to show that the speaker of the poem has just experienced a rebirth.The speaker is thanking God for allowing him to see life in a new light and to be reborn again for a fresh start.By using these various literary devices, Cummings is able to show the extreme gratefulness the speaker in the poem feels because he has found a new outlook on life.

Although rebirth can be seen as the general theme of the poem, with closer inspection the subject is, more specifically, about a spiritual resurrection.The third line, "i who have died am alive again today  is a direct reference to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.Christ was crucified and then buried in a tomb for three days until he was resurrected.The speaker of the poem feels that he has found a new perspective on life.This line is a metaphor, for the speaker did not literally die; rather, it is possible that he might have experienced a spiritual or emotional loss that caused him to lose sight of God.Without having God in his life, the speaker felt lost, like he was wandering through life without any real purpose.No

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