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Short Story

             Authors of short stories teach their audiences moral values. Gillian Chan displays this in the short story the " Golden Girl . In the story the character receives nearly everything because of money. The character then gets all the breaks in school and in life because of her looks. Things change when she gets something that she didn't suspect. A rejection. The author then establishes the theme of the story. Money and looks cannot buy you true happiness
             The "Golden Girl  demonstrates a very common situation with popularity and money. The author tries to convey the message that with money comes popularity and doors open wide for you. The money, of course, does not come from Anna, but is produced by her father. The narrator classify's him as being, "loaded (78). Being loaded in today's world is having a very high wealth and being a head of some major corporation, which Anna's father is. A lot of this money rubs off on Anna and therefore popularity comes into her life. The narrator points out that even though Anna receives everything she desires, "nothing's to good for ˜princess' (78). The narrator is showing a bit of jealousy by this point because Anna gets things that most teenagers don't. For example, the narrator talks about Anna's big dream to become a news anchor. The narrator says it will probably happen because, "Daddy will pay for her to go to some fancy media studies college (80). The author is trying to demonstrate here that even later in life after highschool, money plays a significant role in life. The author clearly conveys the message in the "Golden Girl  that money can get you a lot of material goods and it can get you places that people lacking money could not.
             In the "Golden Girl , the author seems to put a l

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