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Cause and Effect

            The Causes and Effects of Internet Piracy.
             Internet piracy has raged across the internet for ages. However, since the invention of high-speed broadband internet technologies (such as DSL and Cable modems) computer users are able to pirate material at such an alarming pace that it has turned into a major concern for businesses. Computer users are merged on a digital network with seemingly unlimited resources and content to access at their fingertips. And they can do this almost instantly thanks to the high-speed internet services. The most important aspect of this is the reasons why computer users pirate software in the first place.
             Individuals have many of reasons of why they choose to pirate software and media. The most common excuse for downloading anything whether it be music or software, is because of the price. Common business software such as the Microsoft Office package (which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook) can cost up to $600. And if the individual was faced with the task of designing a web site for their business, one would do well purchasing Microsoft’s FrontPage or Macromedia’s Web Studio software package combined, these products have a price tag of over $800. As far as music goes, an artist’s album may feature ten to thirteen songs, with the listener only hearing one or two of these songs on the radio the listener is expected to dish out, in many cases, more than twenty dollars to purchase it. These prices are unreasonable in the eyes of many consumers, and many don’t think they should have to pay that much for something that they don’t drive, wear, or live in. Therefore, people have countered the expensive prices by turning to pirating software as an easy, convenient, and cost efficient way of obtaining what that they need.
             Piracy may be considered a good thing for the consumer, but is it necessarily a good thing for the people who create the product? After all, computer users have been pirating software for more than a decade, and until the last 3-4 years, the music and software industries have been relatively quiet in response.

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