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Media Influence (Print Media)

             You can find the media in various forms such as .
             television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and now on the information superhighway. The job of the media is to find the truth and tell it to the people. The media has the power to inform the public, but often the information they receive is distorted. The media has shaped our view of society and the process by which we choose our leaders, make our rules, and construct our values. The media has the power, although indirectly, to encourage people to like or hate the government. The media promotes what it believes is easiest for the public to accept, but in the process it fails to cover the issues adequately. The media can make us wiser, fuller, sure and sweeter than we are. But, the media can also cloud the public’s judgments, and cause confusion and disillusionment as well. It is easy for a writer to leave out facts, whether they are important or not. By leaving out certain facts in an article, it only gives the reader one side of the situation. A writer can either give the good side or the bad. Very rarely will a reader get both sides of the product or incident. .
             My paper concerns print media, and the focus will be the XXL magazine. The XXL Magazine is an urban lifestyle magazine that covers all aspects of hip-hop culture. It claims to be the new voice of the Hip-Hop Generation, focusing on music, style, sports, and politics with intelligence, sophistication, integrity and, most of all, respect. XXL can be found at most magazine stands and in local convenience and drug stores. The targeted audience for this magazine are in the age group between 18-25; mostly young urban males; directed towards people who have a desire to fit in, or to do what everyone else is doing, the magazine lures them with the luxuries of the hip-hop lifestyle. The magazine features mostly stories and interviews on celebrities, especially rap artists; and there are several pages allotted to what is called "Eye Candy" of the month.