Teens and plastic surgery

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If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Would you want larger breasts, tighter skin, beefier legs, and stronger arms? Everyone has an answer to this question, guaranteed. Everyone wants to change something, we can all find something wrong with our bodies, or so we think. Teens today have become so wrapped up in the stereotypical beauty, long legs slim waist, large breasts, the whole package, and they feel as if they have to fit this image or they can't be happy with themselves, no matter what. This is absurd; there are so many other ways to make themselves happy apart from plastic surgery. But obviously, the greater part of our society seems to think differently, and they seem to have a need to fill a void within themselves by resorting to plastic surgery.

Self esteem is a growing problem with teenage girls today, "Society places a heavy weight on looks, especially on females' looks. And let's face it, given the choice, most people would choose to be beautiful. It used to seem like this choice was more of a fairy tale than a reality. But the stigma that was once attached to plastic surgery years ago has almost completely disappeared. And plastic surgeons have more techniques and procedures at t

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