How Music Can Affect A Person's Mood

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How Music Can Affect a Person's Mood

Music is a past time, a hobby, and a passion. The claim that music can influence a person's mood makes perfect sense. Music can actually affect a person's behavior and mood. It can influence, for example, the length of time that one chooses to spend in a mall. Stores that target older shoppers might play "elevator  type music at a lower volume, while stores that target a younger age group look for more upbeat music played at a higher volume. This can then enhance the shoppers to spend more money in that store. If music didn't affect a person's mood, they would play the same music in every store, or none at all.

Have you ever heard the saying "hooked on a feeling?  It really happens. For example, during the Christmas season many people listen to Christmas music. This helps them stay in that state of euphoria all month long and brings them back to happy memories of when they were children who still believed in the miracle of Santa Clause. While singing songs of eggnog, mistletoe, cand

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