Censoring Graphic violence

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The history behind the issue of graphic violence has been going on for years and years. Researchers have been researching violence and the effects it has on people. For instance, researchers followed three hundred and twenty nine different children and came to the conclusion that the children that were exposed to violence were more than likely to be convicted of a crime later in life (Bushman). Studies in the United States has shown that exposure to video games have lead to physical aggression later in life. The Columbine shooting is a very good example of the study done in the United States.

The word violence has created a lot of problems for many people. They don't really know how horrible that word is. They do what they see and say what they hear; we don't have any control over that. There is so much violence going on in just about everything around us in every hour of the day. We never know when violence can happen. Now days it is scary to even take your dog for a walk at night without fearing that something violent may happen.

People have different opinions on the censorship of graphic media violence. People that have lost somebody due to violence have are emotio

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