Analysis of Richard Wilbur's Poem,

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The poem "The Writer  by Richard Wilbur uses many different metaphors to add to the depth of its meaning. To help with the imagery, Wilbur uses nautical vocabulary such as prow, gunwale, passage and cargo to further set up the metaphor. The prow is referring to the front of the house, where the daughter's room is, as a bow of the ship, where the ship cuts the water first. I believe that the father's room is in the back of the house, where on a ship the helm would be. The helm is where the ship is steered from; this might have a meaning that the father is in charge of "steering  the daughter in the right direction to a good life. The ocean of adolescence is a rough one, and the father can try to make the best path through the surf, but the sea will always triumph in the end. The "passage  of the ship is describing the time it

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