Diwali, a religious hindu festival

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Diwali as millions of people in India know it; is one of the main religious festival's that take's place in the Hindu calendar in India. It marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year and is celebrated with great enthusiasm for over a period of 5 days(In some places in India) by people of Hindu religion all over India. It is celebrated in various ways in different parts of India; though it is celebrated everywhere with the same spirit . It signifies a new beginning for people, some people consider their sins for the year to be washed once the rituals and festivities associated with Diwali are completed.

The story behind "why diwali is celebrated  is very vivid. Diwali celebrates The Hindu God Rama's homecoming that is his return to his hometown Ayodhya after the defeat of Ravana and his coronation as the king. The legend related to the festival is that of King Dashratha's three wives namely Kaushalaya, Keykayee and Sumitra and his four sons Rama, Bharat, Laxmana and Shatrughan. Rama was the son of Kaushalaya and Bharat was the son of Keykayee; Keykayee wanted Bharat to be the next King of Ayodhya, while King Dasharatha wanted Rama his eldest and wisest son to be the future King. Queen Keykayee

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