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            There you are sitting in class learning about the same old stuff over and over again, boring stuff that is, of course it’s everyone’s least favorite subject. Math. Math, a big two thumbs down, you look at the teacher but all you hear come out of her mouth is nothing, like she has been put on ‘mute’ or something, so there you are staring off.
             What is it that you are doing? What is the word that explains what you‘re going through? Apathy. Apathy is a lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal. Yes this is correct, you are Apathetic. The lack of interest is the subject, and the importance is the information you should be learning. So tell me what causes Apathy to occur to you and everybody else?.
             Apathy can be cause by a variety of things, going out late at night, hanging around with bad crowds, not paying attention in class or anywhere else you need to be focused on. These are just only a few of the causes of apathy, there is plenty more, but the best situation to solve is logical problem, is to focus more on to what needs to be focus and not ‘slack’ off and become more lazier than you are starting to become. .
             The term Apathetic is referred to a person. It’s not positive to be an Apathetic person, this is just showing that a certain apathy in your nature is leading you to do what is about to get you in trouble. (example: not listening to parents, behind on school work, not focused at work).