Misleading Advertisements

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Is it fair to say that most individuals buy products based on how they are advertised? Different types of clothing, make-up, foods, cars, etc. are all marketed so that they are going to be appealing to their target audiences. Different types of people are going to use different types of products. One of the most popular strategies advertisers use to sell there products is sex. The element of sex is used more than one way to sell products such as Herbal Essence products. Some of the tactics used are catchy slogans, beautiful girls, and erotic environments.

Herbal essence used some very catchy slogans to grab the attention of consumers. In this specific advertisement there are two different slogans used. The first one being "Our new moisture rich lather turns H2O into H2Ohhhhh!  and the second "A totally organic experience.  First, both of these refer to this p

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