Reaction to surrogate motherhood

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Surrogate motherhood is just another way that humankind discovered to play god. The idea of using another female's body besides it's mother's to nourish a child seems so far-fetched and in the year 3000; yet it has been happening for a while. Another flaming topic for which Americans debate over that have to do with legality and morality. Is it right to "make" your child in another's body? Is it fair to the baby who's choices are none and is it fair to those who can't afford it? It's a similar topic like abortion but with an enormous exception ‚ÄĚnobody is dying.

Surrogacy is a completely opinionated solution to how to raise a child. The mother has the right to choose whatever she pleases. Whatever happens to the child from there is her responsibility just as any other mother. But then again, there are irresponsible mothers out there who, unfortunately, don't know what they are doing. This can come out to be a terrible mistake if it becomes popular and legal. Soon we would see teenagers using this method either being the surrogate or hiring one. There is a black and white side to this story i

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