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The world was shocked with the birth of the cloned sheep, Dolly. It caused a sensation around the world because it meant the possibility of cloning human was increased. Some people think cloning human helps infertile couples to have a child, so it fs a good thing. Some other people think, for moral, emotional, and a lot of other reasons, human cloning shouldn ft be allowed. Should human cloning be allowed?

First of all, we should know exactly what human cloning is. In the simplest language, cloning is the process in which the DNA from some cell of a body is put by an electrical shock into a female egg cell whose DNA has been removed. Then the egg cell is implanted into a womb, and after that it grows as same as a natural baby does.1

Many scientists think human cloning is a good way for infertile couples and unmarried people to have a child of their own. Right now, it is the only way for those people to have a kin child. They just need to find a suitable mother and give DNA to her. If everything goes well, after ten moths, the

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