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             Did you know that people tell 20 lies every day and deceive about 30 people every week? There is a big difference between telling the truth and telling a lie. You should always tell the truth even when someone feelings get hurt or yours. This issue is one of the biggest in the nation. Some people say that the truth is matter of perspective. That is a lie itself. In this paper I am going to compare and contrast telling the truth vs. a lie.
             Telling the truth is always the best thing to do. If you tell the truth people will start to notice that you are trust worthy and they will come to you for advice. They will hold you in high respect. In says in the Bible that if you honor your mother and father you will live long on the earth. One way to honor your mother and father is to be always and honest with them. Even when you have to receive some form of correction for it. When you are honest with people you will have lots of friends. As a result have nothing to worry or stress about because you have a clean conscience. In addition telling the truth always builds your character.
             On the other hand, lying also has a consequence. It might be short or long time before someone finds out. Be sure that someone will find out and when they do it will ten times worse then if you would have told them the truth. When someones finds out then the trust factor with them is destroyed. Soon after the truth comes out people cant believe anything that you say. You have to get a good memory to believe all the lies that you have told. Soon you have to lie to cover up that lie. So lying breeds lying. Once you lie you have to continue to do so. Soon you cant remember all those lies. Consequently then you get caught. When you lie people don’t want to be around you. You have a higher chance of getting fired from your job. Now you have no friends, bad job, and everbody dislikes you just because you said one little lie. Futhermore you have a guilty conscience.