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I am a minority

             In this paper I will discuss how I am a minority,. First of all, I am an Afro-American. Secondly, I am a female in America.
             What is a minority? Minority means to be in less power than the majority. Members of the minority groups are relatively vunerable to poverty and discrimination. Minority could also mean those with distinct biological or cultural characteristics that differ from the majority.
             Groups that are considered minorities differ from country to country and region to region. By every definition that I have come across, I am a minority. There are four social minority groups in the United States, that I know of, and they are:Native Americans, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans.
             For years, our ancestors have fought to try and be equal to our oppressors and have come a long way but we are still in the minority. Lets talk about being an Afro-American female in todays's world. There are a lot of barriers we have overcome like the right to vote, the right to get an education, and the right to work in public places. But there are still hills to climb. There are also issues of equal work and equal pay for men and women.. You find women working right beside men and still don't get equil pay.
             Women are often overlooked during promotions at work. We are sometimes over qualified. We may even have a better attendance record, a higher education, and more experience, but never the less, we are over looked for the under qualified male.
             For years, the argument has been that once more women entered the work place and earned solid business credentials, their numbers in the management ranks would rise rapidly. women that's in the workplace have earned credentials and their education levels are almost as equal to men in the workforce, but we aren't close to closing the managerial gap. Women make small steps up the corporate ladder, but men stay firmly in company jobs with higher paying positions.

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