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Greek Mythology and natural phenomenon

             Back in the early days, many myths were written about many different things. But, mainly the myths were written about the gods. The myths portrayed the gods as supernatural beings who were immortal. The myths told stories of how the gods were created. The myths told stories of how the gods and the human world interacted. But, one important thing that the myths explained was the natural phenomenon of the world. Many things in the world were just in awe when it came to explaining how it happened. People had no idea how things came to be. I believe that having the myths and all the gods was a way to explain how these phenomena were explained. Two major myths that I believe explained a fair amount of the earth's natural phenomena is the myth about Typhon and the myth about Pandora.
             One of the myths that explain natural phenomena is the myth about Typhon. The myth starts out right after Zues and the Olympians had defeated the Titans. Gaea was in a stated of grieving, because of here children which were Titans. Because of this, Gaea had a child with Tartarus. This offspring was the one of the most hideous creatures that ever walked the earth. This beast had fifty heads. These weren't regular heads, but they were dragonheads. Each head had it's own voice. Some of these voices were human like voices. Other voices were of dogs and other animals. This creature was made to destroy the Gods. Typhon found his way to Mt. Olympus, and he started to cause mayhem. Zues fought Typhon head on for quite some time. At some point I thought Zues was fish food. Typhon took out all of Zues' tendons and he made a bearskin out of them. Zues, being unable to move, was helpless. Eventually, Hermes and Pan showed up to rescue Zues. Zues was furious. He then began to pursue Typhon, which could have been called a manhunt. Typhon fled for his life. Zues didn't miss one beat. Zues hit Typhon with lightnin

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