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Symbolism of the Storm by Kate Chopim

             The symbols of “The Storm”.
             Does anything make adultery acceptable? In Kate Chopin’s story “The Storm,” the symbolism itself tells a whole new version of this tale that could possibly answer this question. Throughout the whole story, the characters Alcee, Bobinot, Calixta, Bibi, and Clarisse all without knowing it, symbolize different parts of this rather complicated piece of work.
             The beginning line states “ the leaves were so still that even Bibi thought it was going to rain.” Still leaves may represent the still, uninterrupted lifestyle and marriage of .
             Bobinot and Calixta. And the “somber clouds were rolling with sinister attention from the .
             West,” symbolize also the events to happen later in the story between Alcee and Calixta. .
             Bobinot’s purchasing the can of shrimp in paragraph five gives the reader a sense that he .
             loves Calixta and thinks of her even while him and Bibi are away because she is “very fond of them.” .
             Later, the storm started to stir and the thunderous roar swept through the little town. This was no extraordinary storm. Sure, they had seen an abundance of storms almost every day in the rainy season. So they brushed it off in a sense. After all, it was only another storm. In Bobinot and Bibi’s eyes it was another day; Calixta sewing like usual at home, and the boys taking a break from working. However, this storm, this day was different. .
             “She was greatly occupied in her sewing and did not notice the approaching storm.” This line in paragraph six tells the next set of events. Calixta did not realize the approaching storm because she was doing her usual, daily work. Her life was always the same; raising Bibi, caring for Bobinot and sewing. Today, however was out of the ordinary. On this day, Alcee Laballiere rode in at the gate. A true love and an old flame! “May I come and wait on your gallery until the storm is over, Calixta?” She, knowing Bibi and Bobinot were worried of her being alone, was obliged to let this intruder on the porch and then into the house.