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A dream

            When we are little a dream appears to us of the most insane job. Although this job we dream of might sound insane at least as a child we follow are interest. How many of us actually think our insane job will become a reality? We then grow, change, and seem to go to the job with the highest pay most people regretting to go to work day after day. I seem to follow my job chooses in the things I love cooking, learning hands on, and writing notes to my peers. Although I did not always have, problems with making quick decisions it’s when I aged it came to me {decision making}. The fact still remains to me that choosing a job is the toughest thing that can be done and I can not bare to differ what job I want, a Chef or a writer both sound appealing.
             Cooking comes natural to me since when I was young I always was in the kitchen cooking anything I could get my hands on. It is just one of those things people seem to pick up and with me it came to. Being a chef requires a bachelor degree and on the job training programs not to mention lots of hard work in which I have the mind set for. It also comes to me since of the payment is well. Chefs make up to about 139 thousand dollars a year. That’s seems to me to be plenty in terms of money. .
             Advantages Disadvantages.
             1.Chefs have a high pay 1. Chef is leader of kitchen.
             2.Chefs our greatly respected 2. Chef does not get to meet many people.
             3.Chefs are determined and love to eat 3. Chef is on a schedule all the time .
             With great hard work comes money, but being a chef does have its up and downs. Its always making me wonder to follow what I truly love despite some disadvantages or stay on the path to this one dream, lucky there is still time to make up my mind.
             Aside from being a cook I would like to follow in the steps of a writer. Although I’m not constantly writing I seem to can’t get enough of the subject English.