A dream

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When we are little a dream appears to us of the most insane job. Although this job we dream of might sound insane at least as a child we follow are interest. How many of us actually think our insane job will become a reality? We then grow, change, and seem to go to the job with the highest pay most people regretting to go to work day after day. I seem to follow my job chooses in the things I love cooking, learning hands on, and writing notes to my peers. Although I did not always have, problems with making quick decisions it's when I aged it came to me {decision making}. The fact still remains to me that choosing a job is the toughest thing that can be done and I can not bare to differ what job I want, a Chef or a writer both sound appealing.

Cooking comes natural to me since when I was young I always was in the kitchen cooking anything I could ge

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