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Team Work

             What is teamwork? Teamwork can be defined as the ability to work cooperatively with others and work together as opposed to separately or competitively to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is used in all aspects of life. Analyze any situation or task involving more than one person: in almost all cases, the outcome can only be positive if a sufficient amount of teamwork is used. For example, a marriage will only work if both partners put in the effort. A sports team will not be successful unless the team works together as a unit. A business or cooperation will not survive unless all members work as one team. Whether or not each individual realizes it, they are putting complete trust in the other members of their "team  to work together and achieve one common goal.
             In chapter 7 of the leadership and business book, Dr. Lacey defines teamwork as well as providing the stages and history of it. Amongst these things, Dr. Lacey defines trust as being a key attribute in the development of teamwork. As we discussed in class, trust means that you have to believe in that person or persons and be willing to rely on his/her integrity, strength, ability and surety (Meeker). We conferred that without trust, the notion of
             teamwork is somewhat meaningless. It is understood that these ideas make up the core concepts of teamwork. While I think trust is a major component of teamwork, I have come up with several strategies, that I think should be added to chapter 7, to make teamwork even more successful.
             I believe that every team needs a leader, someone who will step up to his/her task and complete it to the best his/her ability. A leader does not exactly have to be the same person every time. For example, a sports team requires several leaders to be successful. If someone new will step up everyday and get his/her job done, others will follow by example. A good leader does not always have to be the loud and aggressive

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