The Diary of Emma LeConte

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The Diary Of Emma LeConte is a powerful and inspiring book. This book is full of animosity. LeConte captures the burning of Columbia during the Civil War in such a vivid way that it leaves an impression stained in your mind.

After demolishing Atlanta so that the Rebels could not return to use it as a base, Sherman with 62,000 men swung across Georgia, destroying economic resources as he went. Sherman then came out at a point on the coast (probably some where near Savannah, Georgia) were the navy opened up a base for him. From there, he would march to join Grant before Richmond.

Sherman is his correspondence often referred to the operation as a "raid.  This was a raid on a gigantic scale, that was not against the communications of an enemy army. This was a raid against the economic resources of an enemy civilian population. It was modern war, swift, terrible and merciless in which LeConte captured many feelings of hope, sorrow, and hatred.

We start off on December 31st, 1864 in Columbia, South Carolina. Here we see the first sign of worry about the Yankees coming into the Carolina's. LeCon

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