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Home, a place where I was born and where I grew up, always bring upon great memories throughout my stay as an international student in the United States. Home, is also a place that I love with all my heart and soul. Well, everybody loves their home, their very own home. I love my home, people from Texas love Texas, and even the author of A Small Place, Ms. Jamaica Kincaid loves her home, Antigua.

According to her book, A Small Place, Antigua is a small island, a ten-by-twelve-mile island, but is nevertheless a beautiful place where tourists visit at a frequent basis, for the beaches and the beautiful climate. However, the white sands and the sunshine are not the only image she wants to depict in the book.

Corruptness and colonialism aftermath, along with many other problems have faced the people of Antigua. After Antigua was freed from the British, the local government has failed to propel Antigua into prosperity, and instead, has made Antigua a worse place than what it was when it was ruled by the British. Corruption is now everywhere in Antigua. "Some ministers in government have opened their own businesses; the main customer for these businesses is the government itself; the government then declares that only that com

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