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Television Program

             There are many various television programs that have advantages in the modern times, but is television suitable for all ages? Today there are abundant of channels to watch, suitable for children, teenagers, and adults. The three main advantages about television programs are Education, News, and Entertainment. .
             First of all, educational television programs help elementary students to expand their knowledge and information. The most popular public education television is channel 13 PBS, suitable for all ages. In 1980’s “Sesame Street” became a show, being so popular and well-known, which made them millionaires because of the videos and toy products that they marketed. The show helped children build their vocabulary and pronunciation skills, also it built their intelligence and social skills, such as be kind to each other. I also prefer this show name, “Nova” on channel 13 PBS, it interesting and is about Science. Nova program tell about earth, dinosaur, animal, and how science change today evolution. I remember everyday after school when I get home, I always watch channel 2 because it shows me how to paint and draw in simple steps. I think there are 15% of educational television programs that show on public television. .
             News is the second most important part of television programs. Today there are various news channels to view on our television. It gives interesting news about life today, war, death, crime, government, science exploration, and weather. Many news reporters risk their lives to get information. I have always loved to watch news because I want to know what happens out there and within our society. Some people think watching a news channel is boring. The most urgent and important reason I want to watch is because sometimes when the weather will be snow or ice, so I can be prepared. Weather reports give me the week forecast, so I can prepare which day to wear certain clothes.