N.S. Momaday and Brown

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Differences between Native American Land

N.S. Momaday and D. Brown were two native Americans who have chosen to tell you the reader about their land. N.S. Momaday has written to show how beautiful his and almost sacred land is. Then D. Brown has written to show a vast death that has spread through his land and left it empty. Both authors use literary devices such as alliteration and imagery. N.S. Momaday chooses to use personification as to where D. Brown does not.

In Momaday's essay he uses personification to describe the knoll that is rising out of the plain when he says "a single knoll rises out of the plain in Oklahoma (Momaday ). The way he writes about the knoll actually makes it seem alive with the characteristic of it actually rising out of the plain. Or the way he describes the cracking grass, grass does not jus crack on its own it needs the help of a foreign object, he just makes it s

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