My Grandmother

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I didn't have the luxury of knowing my grandma from birth until now. I first met her when I was nine years old, but she readily accepted me and has become an inspiration in my life. As I talked to her about her childhood, I was amazed at how little I really knew about this woman. After hearing about the hard times she went though during her life, I now understand her patient and nurturing ways.

Her mother died when she was six years old. She went to live with her grandma and grandpa along with her brother, her dad, and her step-sisters. The time was during the depression and they had very little money. They raised money by selling eggs from their chickens for twelve cents a dozen. They were not allowed to eat them because they had to sell them. The only time they were able to eat the eggs was at Easter. Her grandma would color eggs and hide them for them to find. They raised cows for milk and cream (they did not slaughter the cows because they had to sell them to get money to pay their taxes when they came due), and they raised pigs for butchering and had a garden full of vegetables for canning. They didn't know they were living a rough life because everyone else was living the same way. Every Sunday they

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