A long Vacation

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As I sat in the backseat of a rental car, next to my sister who was

sleeping, I looked out the window and thought, "who in their right minds

would want to live here?  My family and I were on our summer vacation.

Five days in Denver, Colorado for my dad's veterinary convention, then off

to the Badlands, Yellowstone National Park, and the Grand Titons. We were

going into our sixth day and I knew the fun part of our vacation was over.

In Denver there is lots to do. We went to Six Flags, ate out at nice

restaurants, saw country singer Phil Vasser perform and Red Rock, and

stayed in a really nice hotel. The second we started driving through the

Rocky Mountains, I knew I was in for a long and boring next twelve days.

How I knew this, you probably wonder? My cell phone told me. It plainly

said, "no service.  So much for letting my friends rescuing me. I was stuck.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere just my parents, my younger sister, and me.

Okay, so maybe we weren't in the middle of nowhere. We were in the

Rocky Mountains. And it's not like we were the only ones out there.

Apparently my parents aren't the only ones who obsess over taki

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