What is language? What are its functions, advantages, etc.

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Language is a written code used for communication or for the displaying of data. There are two different types of language: Mathematical (numerical) and natural (e.g. English). An advantage to natural language is to ease the difficulties of communication. An advantage of mathematics as a language is that problems can be solved in an organized and easy-to-follow order. Both types of languages have their limitations. A limitation of natural language is that it is subjective. A limitation of mathematics as language is that it is not used a form of communication.

Natural language is a form of communication developed over thousands of years as humans developed civilization. From prehistory up to the present language had been evolving. Spreading information by the use of language is a type of communication. For example, if I tell someone the temperature is 32 ° C outside in Milan, Italy, I am spreading information by using language in the form of communication.

An advantage of natural language is that communication is easy. With a vast vocabulary, a listener can have a general (or spec

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