Red Dwarf the sitcmo in space

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In my essay I have chosen to explore ˜Red Dwarf' the long running Sci-fi Sitcom that has been BBC2's biggest comedy show. I will begin by discussing the history of the Sitcom as a genre; secondly I will trace the history of the Science fiction Genre and finally, I'll analyse how Red Dwarf has taken elements from both of these to create its own unique hybrid entity.

A situation comedy (sitcom) is a narrative comedy programme, usually in series running for around twenty to thirty minutes per episode. In most sitcoms the settings and characters will remain the same throughout the entire time it is on air. Sitcoms are popular because viewers can relate to one or more characters in the show. Sitcoms are ideal for television audiences as the flow of episodes each week enables people to build identification with the characters over the period of time they watch. This is much harder to do on film, as you do not have as much time to build/develop characters and make the audience feel the right amount of empathy for them.

The sitcom originated on radio in the 1920s . The first is said to be Sam and Henry which started on WGN (American radio) in 1926. Another pioneer was Amos & Andy (america again) in 1928 a

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