Overpopulation: A Growing Problem in China

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Twenty-five years ago, the world's population was growing by fifty million people per year. Today the annual addition has grown to nearly twice that number, and rising. By mid 1999 the world's population had grown over six billion. According to the United Nations, that number will grow another billion every twelve to thirteen years for the next few decades. Those numbers are quite alarming. It creates great challenges for the government, natural environment and the people who inhabit the land. Overpopulation is a scary reality as has been seen. There are good examples to look at in China, India, and Africa. These countries are not producing enough food to feed everyone. There are many people who starve to death each day. However, underpopulation also has a negative effect. Some say that underpopulation is better than over population, but others beg to differ. One example of an under populated country is Russia. According to their Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov the population fell by 768,000 people over the past year to stand at just under 145 million people at the end of 2000. This essay will compare these two issues; assessing whether overpopulation or underpopulation is more or are equally damaging.

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