Oranges/Gary Soto critical analysis

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First Time Experiences Create Lasting Memories

Often times our most vivid memories are of a first time experience. First day of school, first kiss, first dance, first job, or first car, are often detailed memories that will be etched in our minds forever. Many writers draw upon their own memories or first time experiences as a theme when creating poems, dramas, short stories and even essays. Themes that a reader can relate to or that spark a memory of a similar experience are often enjoyed and are stimulating to the reader. A person looking at the poem "Oranges" by Gary Soto, (474) to analyze and critique it would use a formalist approach. The poem "Oranges  uses imagery and strong concrete words to create meaning in his poem. Soto uses many other literary techniques as well, in order to convey the experience of a young boy's first date to the reader, such as using acute attention to detail and the use of fragmented and run-on sentences, or short sentences for emphasis. Gary Soto seems to have taken an experience from his memory and written his poem "Oranges  about a boy's first walk with his girlfriend. This poem is written in first person and is narrated by a boy who is a reliable

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