Human Rights Violations

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Every human being has certain rights that should be protected, should being the key word. These rights are being violated every day throughout the world. Human beings aren't being treated like human beings, and these injustices need to stop. Countries which have problems with human rights are numerous, but Thailand, Paraguay, and Greece's violations will be directly addressed.

Thailand has a huge problem with the trafficking of women. Women trying to leave Thailand and make a life for themselves are being tricked into being smuggled into Japan. Once there, they are forced into prostitution and have no way of returning home. They have no passports and cannot speak the language of the country they have been brought to. In addition to the illegal trafficking of women, Thailand has recently begun executing prisoners again. The death penalty is considered a human right violation because it is taking away the right of another person to live their life. The police of Thailand have also been accused of unlawful killings and torture. The unlawful killing is a part of their current war

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