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What Music Means to Me

             I wonder if there is such a thing as a good addiction, because I am addicted to music. Without music, my day is completely empty and boring. I wake up to music, I go to school listening to music, I analyze it in my music theory class, I perform it in my
             and and orchestra classes, my own father is my music teacher, and after school I practice or go to Fayetteville Symphony rehearsals. My life literally revolves around music. But it is making music that means the most to me.
             In our orchestra, we know that a performance is the culmination of hard work and long hours of practice. Much time and effort is put into every little detail, every rest and every note. The cut-offs must be clear and together, and when there is a rest,
             very instrument must be completely silent in unison for the right effect. The rests in the music are as important as the notes. Over and over we practice the notes so that they sound not only clear, precise and in tune, but have just the right quality a
             well. The members of the orchestra must properly use dynamics throughout the composition to convey the emotion the composer wrote into it. Put together, all these details become music- music that may bring joy or tears to the listeners during a performa
             Music is not just performing on one night, however. It is the result of not only the efforts of individuals, but individuals together as a whole. Much cooperation and teamwork are needed to bring the ensemble together so that each individual knows ever
             part of every piece of music inside out and upside down. This is quite an accomplishment. The ensemble has to think as one mind and concentrate on the conductor who is at the front of the orchestra, guiding with his slender baton. All of these details t
             ether create music. We work so hard to perfect everything, and all this effort pays off in the end when the audience is cheering and applauding enthusiastically for those moments of perfection that f

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