What Music Means to Me

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I wonder if there is such a thing as a good addiction, because I am addicted to music. Without music, my day is completely empty and boring. I wake up to music, I go to school listening to music, I analyze it in my music theory class, I perform it in my

and and orchestra classes, my own father is my music teacher, and after school I practice or go to Fayetteville Symphony rehearsals. My life literally revolves around music. But it is making music that means the most to me.

In our orchestra, we know that a performance is the culmination of hard work and long hours of practice. Much time and effort is put into every little detail, every rest and every note. The cut-offs must be clear and together, and when there is a rest,

very instrument must be completely silent in unison for the right effect. The rests in the music are as important as the no

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