Social Darwinism

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Social Darwinism is a concept that can be applied to both the natural world and the society of humans that reside on Earth. This concept can be best described as the survival of the fittest theory. Those who are the strong will go on to pursue life and leave the weak behind. Darwinism has come in the form of colonization and imperialism throughout the world. This theory seems to be the basis for most missions. It is almost as if the so called inferior beings of this planet are forcefully being changed in order to meet the demands of the prominent culture.

Individuals like Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler have used Social Darwinism to defend their views about the world. Even though these individuals have dramatic differences in their viewpoints, it is possible to use Social Darwinism in their defense. The whole idea around Darwinism is that the strong will survive. Karl Marx focused on capitalism, business, and the "powerful.  In the business world, if one is weak than he or she will not rise in success up the social ladder. To him, those who are powerful repress the powerless in the form of having a higher social status than the "common man.  On the other side of the spectrum, as unstable as H

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