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Dare To Dream Project

            The DARE TO DREAM PROJECT is a computer-training program. This program creates an environment in which one can become computer literate. It contains significant resources in computer technology. I have volunteered some of my free time to help others in the program. This program is also beneficial for the community. In the paragraphs to follow I will explain in more details.
             As a volunteer I have paired-up with individuals who need help. Through my computer experience, I am able to help both the students who need help at a beginner’s level, and those who need more advanced lessons. This form of tutoring is far more convenient for everyone than the typical class setting. The students are not wasting any time with stuff they already know, because they get the help they need at their level. I have also gained knowledge since attending the program.
             The DARE TO DREAM PROGRAM also involves a computer repair department. This program benefits the donator, the students, and the physically disabled. Here companies and individuals donate their malfunctioning computers. They get a tax break for the value of their donation. Then, the students help repair the computers for the benefit of learning. Last, the computers are donated to children and adults who are physically disabled or terminally ill. I get personal gratification in helping repair the computers because not only do I gain experience, I am also helping those individuals who are ill.
             In conclusion, The DARE TO DREAM PROJECT is a great program. The resources found there are relevant for today and the future. It benefits everyone who is involved in it. It provides personal growth. We are helping ourselves and helping others, which is my main motivation for dedicating as much time as I can to the project. .