The unwanted guest...

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I live in a small town called Newport, California; it's not the best place to live, but it's the only place we can afford. My dad was moving out to go to a business trip, and my mom didn't like it very much. My little brother, Tommy, my mom, and I had to stay in Newport until my dad came back, but the house we lived in isn't exactly something you would call ˜perfect'. It was always making strange noises at night; it was a bit creepy. Anyway, I'm in 7th grade now, and my little brother, Tommy, is in 1st grade. Our new school was very different. No one seemed to care about much around here. If you bump into someone in the halls, they seem to be offended by that. I don't understand, am I supposed to introduce myself to these people?

"Sarah! Get out of bed! It's time for school, and don't forget to wake Tommy up!  my mom never seems to wake Tommy up; she always makes me do it.

"Ok mom!  I was so tired that I couldn't even notice where I was going, "Tommy, get up.  My eyes were half closed, but I could tell that he wasn't feeling too good.

"I don't feel so well, sissy. Can you tell mom to come u

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