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             Revenge is a word we can all relate to. We have all wanted to get revenge on someone. In this essay I will speak about why people want revenge.
             If you look it up in a dictionary the word revenge means to do something to get satisfaction for an injury or an insult. Revenge is a very common feeling. It originates with hate or envy. Revenge can make us do things that hurt other people. We shouldn't try to get revenge on anyone. If someone did something bad to us we should try to remember what goes around comes around. Some people can get to the point of killing just to get their revenge, just like in the story we just read, The Cask of Amontillado. These persons are completely obsessed with vengeance or were easily offended by what was done to them. I think there is no reason to take another human life. God is the only who decides when we die. The person that kills to get vengeance is either insane or completely evil.
             In my opinion vengeance is wrong. Our revenge might hurt them and they could try to get their own vengeance on us and we could start an unstoppable chain of hate and vengeance. Our revenge can also hurt other people that are completely innocent. We should try to talk to the person that made us feel bad so that it won't happen again. Most of the time talking solves everything. If the person doesn't correct his or her ways of treating people we should try to remember that in the end he or she will be judged by God and will get what he(she) deserves.
             In conclusion, believe we should not get vengeance. We don't know what the consequences of our vengeance will be or the harm it can cause people around us. Maybe it will make us feel even worse. We shouldn't take that chance.

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