Why is homework harmful t your health?

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For those of you laughing or thinking that homework and health are totally irrelevant to each other, you've obviously never heard the story of Jack and Rufus, Well ¦ I guess I better tell it then.

Jack and Rufus were two completely opposite children, Jack on one side, was a good kid, he scored well in school, belonged to all the "special  organizations the school offered, to be precise, the chess club, and the band, oh, and jack always did his homework. Now Rufus on the other hand, wasn't Jack, (pun intended), his special activities included playing outside, hanging with friends, and definitely NOT doing his homework ¦ Rufus was a stupid kid, and it's quite ironic that Rufus rhymes with dufus even though Rufus is the dufus he's claimed to be, but and anyways back to the story.

Monday afternoon, Jack was home, with only homework on his mind, even more then he was use

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