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The most important issue facing the united states today.

            The single most important issue facing the Untied States today is terrorism. Since September 11, the government has spent billions of dollars on homeland security. President Bush has even created a new cabinet position to address the issue of homeland security. President Bush has also declared several nations "axis of evil". These include: North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Libya, and Syria. .
             The President does have a plan to strengthen homeland security. This plan nearly doubles the previous budget for homeland security. $3.5 billion dollars will go to your nations police, firefighters, and EMT's. $11 billion will go to border security to prevent terrorists from trafficking biological weapons as well as drugs. $6 billion will go towards defending ourselves against Bioterrorism that countries have threatened to send to the United States. Most of the six billion dollars will go to building our National Pharmaceutical Stockpile. This contains anthrax vaccines as well as Smallpox vaccines. Since so much of our nation's budget is going towards the protection of our homeland from terrorism, I feel terrorism is the most crucial problem the United States faces today. .
             Secretary Tom Ridge, of the US Department of Homeland Security says: "Terrorism forces us to make choices. We can be afraid. Or, we can be ready." Secretary Ridge urges United States Citizens to be aware of the threat of terrorism. American citizens and military forces continue to find themselves in areas of increasing political instability. This makes them vulnerable to anti-American extremist acts. I also feel that the media has a large part in terrorism. If the media didn't report extremist terrorist bombings, terrorist would have no reason to perform them. They are only trying to get their voices' heard, in a horrible way. I feel the main cause of terrorism is that people are dissatisfied with a political system or policy.