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             The selection you are faced with before you, is the selection I chose to write about for my descriptive essay. I will go over facts and opinions about what I seen in the neighborhood where I grew up. My neighborhood has changed drastically. I will explore all the ways my neighborhood changed since I left.
             In 2001, I left my neighborhood to move to Orlando with my parents. It was a kind of move that sometimes I regret. I moved a couple of months after I graduated from high school. All of my friends were mad that I was moving away. They threw a party for me, sort of like a going away party. Everyone that I grew up with showed up and party with us. Even dope dealers and people who did bad and evil things showed up. Then, about half way through the party some neighboring gangbangers showed up. The gang that lived in my neighborhood started doing all kind of birdcalls and twisting their fingers showing gang signs. The other gang members started taking off their clothes like they wanted to fight. The gang who lived in my hood started pull out guns and bats and chains ready to do something. They started shooting at each other, so everyone in the park started running home. Telling the story to everyone the next day. It was something I will never forget.
             Before I left my hood everything was bad we had gangs and dope dealers and petty thieves. Everyone in the hood was not afraid cause some way the gangs were a protection for our hood. They would look out for all the people in the hood. Most of the houses in the hood were runned down and old. We had a park that a lot of people didn't want to come to. Most of the people who lived were either old people or young people. Our hood was infested with cops trying to make that career bust. Our hood also had a lot of shootouts with the cops and other people. We had a lot of drive by shootings and police brutality. Which was horrible, everyday was a struggle just to mainta

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