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Community Service

             I believe that community service and volunteerism are very important. The best thing a person can donate is their time. I feel it's every individual's responsibility to help others in their community and beyond. There are many ways that I feel I would benefit from community service at Alvernia College.
             One, it would take the focus off of me and make me more aware of the world and people around me. Today it seems that everybody is so wrapped up in themselves and material items that they lose sight of the things in life that truly make you happy. Just the good feelings you get when you're able to help somebody out are more rewarding than a paycheck.
             I also feel it would help me develop better leadership skills by planning and organizing fund raising, food drives, etc. It's difficult for many people to work as a team and compromise their ideas. It's important to know when to step up and take charge, and when it's time to sit back and listen to others ideas. I feel that the sooner you can learn to work with others, the better off you are.
             Last but not least, I believe that community service prior to graduation will give me a better idea of what to expect once I'm graduated. A lot of people enter the workforce with no prior knowledge or experience. By having that knowledge and experience I feel that I would have an edge over other graduates from different schools.
             All in all I know that I can and will make a difference in people's lives everyday. I hope you consider me a serious candidate for your school. I feel that not only would I be an asset to your college, but also to the community as well.

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