Ideologies and political parties

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Anarchists believe that the government and the state apparatus are pointless for the meaningful arrangement and function of society. Anarchists are confident about human nature, in believing that the natural goodness in people improves the need for political and organizational control on their actions.

Anarchists do not believe in what kind of economic order. There are two sides of economic order. One side believes that only capitalism can be properly joined with anarchism, while the other side sponsors returning to an agrarian economy base on socialist economic ideologies.

All anarchists support that we should reside in a society where there is no pressure of any kind. To anarchists, social justice is the opportunity to guide a life that best suits each individual

Both Marx and Lenin quarreled that humans are essentially capable of a high level of community spirit and good feeling toward others. Karl Marx and Lenin said that a man's true human nature could only be satisfied in a society enlightened from the constraints of capitalism and class antagonisms. Lenin also be

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