Values should be taught in the home

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Values: knowing right from wrong, moral ideas that encompass American culture. Many Americans believe that the values in this nation are on a decline. Sprouting from divorced families, out of control children, and teen pregnancies among other aspects, there is a strong feeling spreading across the nation that its moral beliefs are inadequate and need to be changed. Today, people all over the nation are embracing the values of the past in order to insure different morals for the next generation of Americans. This change is in great contrast to the 1960's and ˜70's antidisestablishmentarianistical attitude toward life that many of America's adults grew up in. People are trying to revert back to the 1950's values and beliefs which they rebelled against as young adults. Some, of these baby boomers have grown to become politicians in the nation's government. When in power they propose legislation to improve the

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