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Child Case study

             Robert Mendoza is the stepson of my older brother. At the age of twenty-one months, he is the most enthusiastic child I have yet to see. As his two-foot plus body waddles about with shoulders broadened, he seems as though he is always prepared to take on whatever awaits him. He has Dark Brown hair, dark brown eyes, and dark brown skin, with a humongous smile showing off his pearly whites. Not to mention his full set of long eyelashes that he has learned to use to his advantage. .
             When in my home, the children always find something new and exciting to entertain them selves. Usually a video, a learning game, or things they should know not to touch. This time it happened to be a pile of blankets. Four to Five large sized blankets kept Robert and his 4 year old sister, Destiny, entertained for quite some time. As Destiny began to pull a blanket from the couch onto the floor, Robert’s facial expression changed to one of a more worried look. After gaining approval from the adults that sister could do it, he jumped right in there to join her. But with each tug, he looks at mommy for those words of encouragement and laughter. As a pile of soft blankets fill the center of the room, Robert begins to come up with a new plan for their use. He stands for about a half second with wide eyes gazing at the pile. Thinking he has frozen and turned into some sort of statue we were almost correct. Without one movement of arms or legs, he falls over face-flat into the pile. As we all began to chuckle, he picked himself up, flashed a big grin, and proceeded to repeat the same actions as before. This happened a few times until he took one look at the wooden coffee table and decided that he needed a bit more height. Only little boys….
             (A1) The reason this particular object was used for play was based on his sisters’ influence and the approval from his parents that it was o.k. He initially approached this play in a timid manner (A2).