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             All my friends and I where suited up in our pads. We where at Northern Illinois for our league championship. All of us where in seventh grade. It was a very exciting game and it went down to the wire.
             All the people on my team where all my friends that I grew up with. There is Billy Morris, Shane Hejza, Ryan Duran and the rest of my friends from my neighborhood. These kids that are on my team are all my friends that I still hang out with today. We all have sleepovers. All of us hung out and had huge parties. These kids that are my friends will be my friends to the day I die. .
             We where practicing for this day for a while. In actuality it was a whole week. Every day at practice we where determined because we won the championship the year before. The whole week we stayed focused because we knew this team was good. During the days in school are teachers would get mad at us. They got mad because all week we only focused on the championship game and not our school work. As the week progressed our patience grew weak. .
             It was Friday night. The day before the big game. My two best friends Billy and Ryan stayed over at my house. It was our little ritual that we had. We always hung out the night before every game. As the night became late we fell asleep, in our same spots we always did. Before we knew it the mourning came . We had our team breakfast together. As we got on the bus to head to the stadium are patience grew weary. .
             As we arrived at he field, the team was pumped to play the game. During the first quarter we fell down seven to zero. The game rolled on and we where down at halftime still seven to zero. As the second half began we where determined to win. Late in the fourth quarter with about three minutes to go we where still down seven to zero. The positive thing is that we had the ball. I threw a half back pass for a touchdown which brought the game to seven to six. After the ensuing kickoff we picked off a pass and a couple of plays later I ran for a touchdown.