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Role of women in indian society

Indian women have come of age since last 10 to 15 years.If w go back to the preindependence period women in india wer just restricted to house hold work.They were more of a puppet in the hands of their husbands,sort of to produce kids and look after them cook food in the house and to carry out teh traditoiinal things.They were never given any frredom to do anything on their own nor were they allowed out of the house unles thy went with their husbands.Also the caste and the religioin did not make matters any easier for them.Since the days of Independence,twenty years or lates say 30 -40 years after independence things are changing and looking up.Now a lot of importance is given to their education during their growing days,they are told to be financially independent,also we had a women who ruled the country for almost a decade.They also play a very important part in keeping the family together,they enable in taking the important decisions and also they are more teh nucleus of a good house.Besides they are resposible for the upbringin of the children as the father more often then not is never in the house,for whwtever reasons.The women have excelled in all departments and also we have had a a lot of fine athletes in the field of sports who have brought glory and laurels to the country where once upon a time it was considerd was very wrong to be doing anything besides what the husband asked her to do.

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