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Describe a person

            As I was walking through the busy market of Baclaran, I noticed something that really disgusted me. Someone was actually washing his hands in a puddle of dirty water by the road. But then he had a big plastic container full of fried peanuts. He was actually just an ordinary peanut vendor trying to earn for a living. As I looked at him, it seems like he needs a good bath. He is quite all for a Filipino—at about 5 feet 8 inches in height--he towers over the people around him. Tall as he may be, his body was as slender as a matchstick. His body was so lean that you might think that he hasn’t eaten for days. His hair is very dry and unmanageable and his eyes are round and so big they looked as if they would pop out at any minute. His teeth are sharp and so horrible that they’re like a shark’s set of teeth. His lips are coffee-black, it’s like he just had a bowl of black ink for lunch. His face was all sweaty and dusty because of the smoke and dust around him. By the way he looks, no one would ever want to be near him. With the intense heat in the market, you will surely need a hand towel, and that is why he has a white one around his neck. His clothes are disgustingly filthy and worn out. His shirt, because of the overwhelming dirt, made his supposedly white shirt yellowish. His jeans I think was originally of a bluish shade but has faded to white, and torn in some places. His sandals were also worn out because of his long walks, and so thin that it seems like his feet are already touching the ground. He was also wearing a red cap to shield his eyes from the harsh sunlight that in the crowded market was almost unbearable. As he was moving around, I noticed a tattoo of a dragon on his right forearm. But the busy streets of Baclaran don’t seem to care on how he looks.
             Though he looks very unlikable, he still tries to walk through the crowded market to seek out some people whom he can sell his peanuts to.