Should film certificates be scrapped?

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Should Film Certificates Be Axed, And Why?

Films are certified by the B.B.F.C. (British Board of Film Certification), which is an independent company. The following are the current rating groups: U “ no age restriction, PG “ parental guidance and therefore any child must be accompanied by an adult, 12A “twelve plus or with an adult, 15-fiveteen plus only, 18-eighteen plus only. There is much deliberation however as to whether these certificates do actually fulfil the purpose of protecting young and vulnerable people within our modern society.

Numerous film certificates are often ignored by the general public. Young children can quite easily attend 12 rated movies without being questioned at the ticket office. This is generally due to the staff not policing the cinema correctly; obviously the management do not want to limit their audience numbers, which would reduce the financial takings for the film complex.

Films are only certified by one company i.e. the B.B.F.C; this company appears to often categorise the films in accurately. There are many examples where the rating ha

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